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Thai Massage Training Center @ Baan Tasala Chiangmai
     Thai Massage Training Center @ Baan Tasala Chiang mai is committed to maintaining excellence in teaching Thai Traditional Massage. To publicize a standard of Thai massage #To recognize Thai massage globally To promote Thai massage specialist go worldwide #After graduation, everyone can bring the knowledge to look after him/her self and/or to earn a living #Being a standard of testing center for Thai massage under the control of Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. If you are looking to gain a foundation in Traditional Thai Massage you have come to the right place. We understand that gaining a deep understanding of Traditional Thai Massage is a lifetime process and our teachers continue to grow by studying further and they are therefore able to bring a fresh approach to each class they teach. Browse the menu to know more about this course, the place, the teachers, ... For any questions or reservations please feel free to contact us.